If you are having technical issues with the GitButler client, here are a few things you can do to help us help you. Or help yourself.
If you get stuck or need help with anything, hit us up over on Discord:


Often the most helpful thing is to look at the logs. GitButler is a Tauri app, so the logs are in your OS's app log directory. This should be:
  • Linux: ~/.config/
  • macOS: ~/Library/Logs/
In this directory, there should be rolling daily logs:
❯ cd ~/Library/Logs/
❯ tree -L 1
├── GitButler.log
├── GitButler.log.2023-09-02
├── GitButler.log.2023-09-03
├── GitButler.log.2023-09-04
├── GitButler.log.2023-09-05
├── GitButler.log.2023-09-06
├── GitButler.log.2023-09-07
├── GitButler.log.2023-09-08
├── GitButler.log.2023-10-10
├── GitButler.log.2024-01-30
└── tokio-console
❯ tail GitButler.log.2024-01-30
2024-01-30T13:02:56.319843Z INFO get_public_key: gitbutler-app/src/keys/ new
2024-01-30T13:02:56.320000Z INFO git_get_global_config: gitbutler-app/src/ new key="gitbutler.utmostDiscretion"
2024-01-30T13:02:56.320117Z INFO git_get_global_config: gitbutler-app/src/ new key="gitbutler.signCommits"
2024-01-30T13:02:56.320194Z INFO get_public_key: gitbutler-app/src/keys/ close time.busy=317µs time.idle=47.0µs
2024-01-30T13:02:56.320224Z INFO git_get_global_config: gitbutler-app/src/ close time.busy=204µs time.idle=25.3µs key="gitbutler.utmostDiscretion"
2024-01-30T13:02:56.320276Z INFO git_get_global_config: gitbutler-app/src/ close time.busy=133µs time.idle=35.8µs key="gitbutler.signCommits"
2024-01-30T13:02:56.343467Z INFO menu_item_set_enabled: gitbutler-app/src/ new menu_item_id="project/settings" enabled=false
2024-01-30T13:02:56.343524Z INFO menu_item_set_enabled: gitbutler-app/src/ close time.busy=35.7µs time.idle=28.8µs menu_item_id="project/settings" enabled=false

Data Files

GitButler also keeps it's own data about each of your projects. The virtual branch metadata, your user config stuff, a log of changes in each file, etc. If you want to inspect what GitButler is doing or debug or reset everything, you can go to our data directory.
  • Linux: ~/.local/share/
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/
In this folder there are a bunch of interesting things.
❯ cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/
❯ tree -L 1
├── database.sqlite3
├── indexes
├── keys
├── projects
├── projects.json
├── settings.json
└── user.json
4 directories, 4 files
The projects.json file will have a list of your projects metadata:
❯ cat projects.json
"id": "71218b1b-ee2e-4e0f-8393-54f467cd665b",
"title": "gitbutler-blog",
"description": null,
"path": "/Users/scottchacon/projects/gitbutler-blog",
"preferred_key": "generated",
"ok_with_force_push": true,
"api": null,
"gitbutler_data_last_fetch": null,
"gitbutler_code_push_state": null,
"project_data_last_fetch": {
"fetched": {
"timestamp": {
"secs_since_epoch": 1706619724,
"nanos_since_epoch": 202467000
If you take that id field and go into the projects directory, you will find a subdirectory that is the same as that id.
❯ cd projects/71218b1b-ee2e-4e0f-8393-54f467cd665b
❯ tree -L 1
├── HEAD
├── config
├── description
├── gitbutler
├── gitbutler.lock
├── hooks
├── info
├── objects
└── refs
6 directories, 4 files
This is a Git directory where we store the state of your project as sessions.