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  • Un-applying a virtual branch will now create a regular branch - this makes it easier to switch back and forth between using gitbutler and the git cli
  • Improves secrets handling - the app will now use the OS-specific secure store (credential manager)
  • Removes the git authentication flow using an ssh key generated by the app, in favor of the default fork-exec-ing to the system git binary


  • Fixes Windows specific bug where in some cases prompting for ssh passwords doesn't work


  • Fixes a Linux-specific regression in 0.12.7 that was making the UI unresponsive
  • The app is now also bundled as an RPM for Linux users who use Fedora/CentOS-style distributions


  • Fixes a bug with incorrectly detecting Git repositories as GitHub ones
  • Fixes issues related to reporting of the CI status on branches with pull requests
  • Fixes a bug where missing remote branch is not handled gracefully
  • Fixes an issue where the app creates more log files than the limit of 14
  • Updated the application log format to GitButler.<date>.log


  • Drag and drop of changes and commits has an updated UI, making it easier to see the drop targets
  • Fixes a UI bug in the "Push" button where in some cases it was showing an incorrect label
  • Fixes a UI bug where the project selector has projects with long names overflowing
  • UI: Select components will now be searchable (e.g. long list of branches to select from)
  • UI: Updated programming language icons used on files


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