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Thinking about paying for Beta software? Sounds odd, right?

No worries, the main stuff in GitButler stays the same whether you pay or not.

But hey, we're all about building a cool gang here. We want to know who really digs our butler. And those early supporters? They're like VIPs to us.

Perks for Early Supporters

  • Access to our Early Bird Discord room, for life
  • Invitations to exclusive Berlin parties, when it's warm here
  • Care packages of schwag, sent your way
  • Pricing locked in, no matter how we decide to charge later
  • First look at any new features as we go
  • Whatever else we can think of over time

Your support helps us grow and make GitButler even better. Join us on this adventure!

How to Support Us

You need to have a GitButler account to support us. If you don't have one, sign up first.

Thanks, from the GitButler Crew!

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