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A little way to help us spread the word.

We would like to make sure that GitButler can be free to use for everyone, but there are costs involved in hosting any synchronized client data, AI tooling and so forth. What we thought would be an interesting compromise is to ask our users to offset that by supporting us and our unique approach to that is to ask you to allow us to credit ourselves with commits you have made as your "committer".

The Committer

Git actually natively supports having two individuals credited with any commit. The important one is the "author", which is normally the person who writes the code.

The other credit can optionally go to a "committer", which was historically the person who pulled the work into the project. Normally this is an open source maintainer or something, it's normally written when a branch is rebased or a commit is cherry picked.

If you choose to turn it on as a show of support, GitButler will credit itself as the "committer" on any virtual branch commits that you make. This helps us spread the word in a fairly non-intrusive way. You don't see the committer when you run git log normally, you only really see it on GitHub as a little icon behind the author's icon, like this:

Committer Mark
What a GitButler aided commit looks like on GitHub

This is by default turned off, but you can turn this off in the project settings if you really love us. It's a small way to help us spread the word about GitButler.

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